I love great design, good food and am a trusted Real Estate agent. I enjoy trying new things and am always on board for a new project! What I post here on the blog either takes place in my home or I have experience with professionally, I promise to be honest good, bad, or otherwise.

I’ve created this blog with one thing in mind: to inspire, empower, and encourage everyone to create a home they LOVE. I believe a good home must be made, not bought. I want to be a part of your journey and share the knowledge I’ve gained thorough my experiences.

I try to keep things simple, although sometimes my ambitions can carry me away (reupholstering my couches was not a quick project!) I love sharing ways to decorate, organize, and improve homes without a lot of time or stress (unless it's worth it!) I also love sharing my inspirations and aspirations, because why not?

I’m so glad you’re here. 

Homease, pour yourself a drink, here’s to celebrating life’s daily victories, embracing imperfections, having big dreams, doin’-it-yourself, and keeping life interesting!

Erin Wood, creator of heyhomease.com and trusted Real Estate Agent.

Questions About Real Estate?


Let me be your trusted Real Estate resource! I am a licensed Chicago Real Estate Agent at Main Street Real Estate Group.  Whether you live in Chicago or not I'm happy to help you in any way I can or connect you with a recommended agent in your area. Please email me directly at erin@mainstreetreg.com, in the meantime for more info check out my real estate website at erinwoodrealestate.com.

Can’t wait to chat and see how I can help you, your next home could be closer than you think!

Home Buyer's Guidebook

While I always recommend using a Real Estate Agent this guide will make sure you are prepared with the information needed to make the best decisions for yourself through out the home buying process. Because I always want to make sure your info is up to date and take my responsibility as a professional in this field seriously you will hear from me occasionally with updated info, new downloads and blog posts. If you ever have questions or are interested in finding a recommend agent in your area please reach out, I love hearing from you!